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Oh Yes He Done Her Wrong Long Years Ago

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Wolf Hall anyone? Feb. 1st, 2015 @ 12:32 pm
Has anybody here been watching the tv adaptation of Wolf Hall? If so what do you think of it so far? Are you happy/unhappy with the portrayal of Anne?
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GIVE AWAY!! Jan. 25th, 2012 @ 05:21 pm

I am very excited to announce another give away, this time a joint give away between Anne Boleyn: Queen to History and Deri Dolls! The most wonderful and amazing Deri has made a female Tudor doll which I am most delighted to be able to give away. Deri has most kindly given all the details about the stunning doll below...

Hello! I'm Deri, the brains and sore fingers behind the Deridolls my dear friend Sarah has been so kind to mention here on occasion and it is my pleasure to offer the prize for this giveaway. Being in tune with this blog's theme, it is, of course, a Tudor doll.

• She is wearing a white felt partlet, stitched in black on the neckline and "fastened" with a bead fake button.
• Her burgundy underskirt is embroidered in a golden net pattern, enriched with golden beads. The gown is actually a two piece set:
o the skirt has the characteristic inverted-V cut-out of the period and the guards are made of satin ribbon trimmed with golden cord.
o the bodice, also decorated with satin ribbon trimmed with golden cord, has a tabbed waistline, each tab accented with golden cord.
• Tudor sleeves are famous for their many layers and these are no exception. Her sleeves have ribbon ruffles embroidered in black blanket stitching to suggest the beautiful blackwork common to the period.
• The overlaying sleeve, like the underskirt, is embroidered in a golden pattern detailed with golden beads and, finally, the ruched/puffed cap sleeves are slashed and each slash is accented with burgundy ribbon.
• But the fashion statement of the Tudor period has to have been the headgear! This little doll is donning a stunning french hood, decorated with beads and pearls, and, on the bottom row, golden embroidery is encasing each bead. Underneath it, she has a pearled ivory coloured cap, and, beneath it all, a pleated ribbon coif completes the look.

The doll was inspired by the beautiful gown of an historical reenactress which you can see here:

As you can see Deri has put in a great deal of time and detail into making this beautiful Tudor doll. I also must add that the doll was designed and made in a smoke free, pet friendly home.

How can you win?

Deri and I are very excited to be able to give this fantastic doll away to one lucky member of the Anne Boleyn: Queen to History Facebook page. All you have to do for your chance to win is simply like the facebook page. Just press the like button on my facebook page and you’re in the draw … it’s as simple as that! Deri and I will then randomly select a winner from all the members of the page.

We are very excited about giving away this beautiful Deri Tudor Doll. I have to say that she is absolutely stunning and the detail in her dress and headdress is simply breathtaking! Head on over and like Anne Boleyn: Queen to History Facebook page for your chance to win!

Anne Boleyn: Queen to History
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Anne Boleyn/Tudor Facebook Page Nov. 15th, 2011 @ 10:56 am
Hey! I just wanted to give a quick plug for a Facebook page that I run. The page is all about Anne Boleyn and the Tudors during the reign of Henry VIII. My page has lots of articles, images, video clips and lots and lots of discussion and comments. It’s a friendly page dedicated to Anne Boleyn and Tudor history. If you are interested please come on over and have a look :)

Anne Boleyn: Queen to History

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Hello! Jan. 5th, 2012 @ 08:01 am
*Waves* Hello! My name’s Sarah and I’m a big lover of all things Tudor! My specific area of interest is Anne Boleyn and the reign of Henry VIII. I’m just writing this short post to say hello and to try and make some new friends! I’d really like to meet people with a similar interest in Tudor history and shared interests.

Anyway I’ll keep it short and leave it there. Please feel free to check out my profile, I always love to meet new people!
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Icon Batch #086 Oct. 17th, 2010 @ 01:51 am
Historical: Tudor Costume (Including; Anne Of A Thousand Days, Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Shakespeare In Love, Henry VIII and Historical portraits of various well-known Tudors.
Movies: Disney Movies (Various).
Music: Lady Gaga.
Television: Friends (Chandler Bing).


You can view all the icons HERE @ notasweicons - feel free to join the community!
Why not nominate some of your own icons at the_iconawards?
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» New Tudors Blog
Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is allowed, and if it is not, I apologize...

Just wanted to put the word out about my new blog that is completely focused on the Tudor Dynasty, whether it's the history, the people, books, movies, TV Series... you get the idea. Please check it out! I am new to this, so I am very excited to see how it progresses. Thanks!

You can find the new blog here:

» Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History - May 20th 2010: Conclusion
May 20th 2010: Conclusion
I do not think it would come as any surprise to say that I adore Anne Boleyn. She is my hero, my idol, my source of inspiration, to be even a fraction of the woman she was would be a wonderful thing. For me, I found writing about Anne’s last nineteen days to be an incredibly powerful and moving experience. I have read countless books, articles and websites related to Anne and yet writing this for myself I found I still learnt so much about an amazingly inspiring woman.

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» Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History - May 19th 1536: Goodbye Sweet Queen
May 19th 1536: Goodbye Sweet Queen
What it must have been like for Anne this morning I do not think we can ever imagine. We do not know how she spent her last night upon this earth but if it was anything like the previous night which Anne believed to be her last, we can assume that she spent much of the time in prayer. As the first golden rays of dawn crept over the Tower of London, spilling into the Queen’s chambers, Anne took Mass for the very last time. Once more she confessed upon the Sacrament that she was innocent and that she had not committed the horrendous crimes brought against her. After this at approximately 7am she ate a light breakfast with her ladies in waiting and prepared herself for her final few hours upon this earth.
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Please bear with me, only one more post to go I promise!

» Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History - May 18th 1536: Swearing Her Innocence
May 18th 1536: Swearing Her Innocence
Anne believed that she was to die this morning at 9am. Where she got this thought from it is not quite clear, perhaps because her brother and co accused had been executed on the 17th it was only logical that she, also condemned, was to die the next day. Anne spent what she believed to be her last night on earth in prayer and at two o’clock she sent for her almoner John Skip to be with her to pray and provide her with some spiritual support. Then in the morning Archbishop Cranmer returned to hear her final confessions. Not surprisingly Anne once again confessed her innocence in all of the matters against her.

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» Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History - May 17th 1536: Part 2: A Marriage Over
May 17th 1536: Part 2: A Marriage Over
It has been suggested that when Archbishop Cranmer visited Anne the day before her marriage to Henry was annulled, he did not go to provide her with comfort in her final hours, but to offer her some sort of bargain. If she would agree to the annulment of her marriage with the King then perhaps the King would show leniency on her or their daughter, Elizabeth Tudor. There is no way to assess if this was the purpose of Cranmer’s visit to Anne or not as no records exist of the conversation that transpired between the two. What we do know is that on May 17th Archbishop Cranmer declared the annulment of the marriage between Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor. There was no official reason for why the marriage was annulled.
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